January 1, 2015

April 2014

It's April, so we were getting close to the end of the school year at this point. We were schooling and soccering and gymnasticking (we started that back in February after a year off), and pianoing and churching and dinnering with friends and putting in extra hours to get camp up and running. I'm always working overtime in April to get the horse barn staff pulled together and my CCHI (horsemanship certfication clinic) ready to go in May.

The older two kids also did a month of swim lessons at Brenau with one of their swim team girls.

They honed their swim strokes and learned some new ones. One day we might join a swim team and give it a try for a season. I think all four kids would be good at it.

The other two kids got to play in the pool during lessons.

See the visitor in the picture? Occasionally wildlife comes to see us at the house.

I took a photo of these two cutie pies because this was Elizabeth's first official spend the night guest. She had stayed away over night before but hadn't had her "own" guest over before. She and Sarah have a lot of fun together, even down to their matching pink blankets.

We headed to McDonough for a few days during what would have been spring break, had we taken one. (I'm usually on a crash course mission to get school finished as close to the beginning of May as possible. No spring break. Mean mommy!) The Davidson bunch was on spring break and staying several days with family near my mom and dad's, so we met them at a local park to play one day.

One set of the Davidson's cousins, the Wallaces, were soon to be moving to be missionaries a long, long, way away, so spending time with them was special. All three of their kids have been to camp and we've crossed paths with them for years through the D's.

Grownups like to play too.

Avery and Elizabeth both like their Daddy to pull their teeth with dental floss. More than once all he's had to do was attach the floss and the tooth comes right out.

I'm not sure what number tooth this one was, but he definitely did away with a whole bunch of them in 2014!

Mid-April we had a Sunday School class outing to Stone Mountain. I hadn't been there in years.

Hiking the mountain with friends is fun. I used to do it as a kid and teenager a lot.

We did the Sky Walk (but I had no camera to prove it during that activity), then headed over to the base of the mountain for the Laser Show.

I almost didn't get to do the Sky Walk. They want you to wear closed toe shoes, and I was wearing the sandals you see below. My bud Melissa W. surrendered her socks and shoes for an hour so I could do it! She suffered through half size too small sandals so I could have some fun. Now that's a friend.

It was a really fun day full of perfect weather and awesome friends!

April 20th was Easter. The girls had pretty dresses...the boys were an afterthought! (Sorry guys, y'all even needed haircuts.) I marvel at families who coordinate at church every Easter. It seems like a feat that's out of the realm of possibility for me. Maybe that's because it's out of the realm of interest for me. Actually I AM interested. I'm NOT motivated.

After church we headed to Uncle Danny and Aunt Lynn's for the annual egg hunt and lunch they do every year.

The floodgates were held back temporarily while the final egg was hidden.

I got to see my long time friend and past Sunday School teacher Bonnie and her daughter Rebekah. It was a year of mixed emotions for them. Rebekah had a son just weeks before her brother passed away in an accident. Chris was a camper in his younger days. His loss will always be felt. It was good to see them.

Mmmm, tadpoles, fresh out of the lake!

We headed to Nanny's after that to see Luke, who was home on leave from Hawaii.

Uncle need cheesin' for the camera.

Looks like Grandad needs a nap or something. Too much Easter buffet. I think we were all feeling it.

A later weekend in April we had both Gavin and Abbey over. The kids were off to the creek to play.

A "pet." Blech.

And sometimes you just need a picture of large bedhead.

Or of a kid way up in a tree.

Or of an old friend. This is David Grindle, who we worked with as summer staff at Camp WinShape. His folks are from Cleveland and he was home from Indiana for a visit. None of us had changed a bit, of course!

Here's one of those rare few and far between photos of a girls' night out! We used to have them pretty regularly when everyone in our Sunday School class was having babies every four days (give or take a year) because we'd take the expectant one out for a baby shower dinner. Now that we're all getting old and the baby business has slowed down, and unfortunately so have the girls nights! One of my new year's resolutions is to reinstitute them. Minus the baby gifts.

This pretty place is just outside the library in Cleveland.

And just like that, I'm only nine months behind on this blog!

The guys just got in from huntin' for the day on this here huntin' vacation, which means they'll want ot watch bowl games online, which means I'm done with the wifi for awhile because it takes all the signal can do to laser in on the one computer streaming the game. So...

On to May tomorrow, I hope!

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