December 31, 2014

February 2014

In February we motored on with school, church, piano, exercise, and, I turned 40. See my thoughts about that here:

Gee, my first attempt at a link. I thought it might look a little less conspicuous, like when just the "here" is highlighted as a link. Oh well,

February. The first time I got the camera out was for Elliott's January birthday in February (his 11th) party at the Coop.

Lotsa boys!

One weekend we had Nelson Charles and Sarah over to play.

And Ruth too, the more the merrier around here! Manicure time.

And we went on a field trip to a factory in Dawsonville where they make clothes for folks who work in cold conditions. The Lawsons met us there. It was actually pretty interesting and the kids liked the tour.

Look what Daddy did for his girls for Valentine's Day! It was a nice surprise on Valentine's morning. We love you, Daddy!

And then in the middle of February, we got a good snow.

The kids are always disappointed that it doesn't cancel school entirely. It does delay it awhile though!

This time I was prepared with snow disks from Nix Hardware.


Cool clouds

Line 'em up, send 'em off!

Mary Beth helped us make a snowman out of snow that didn't want to pack.

And the next week it was my birthday. So, we went to the Sunflower. It's been the location of many a birthday celebration in our family. James and I could never totally agree on what a proper 40th birthday party should look like for the two of us, so the opportunity kind of slid on by.  Here's  how I felt about that:

Ha ha! Lovely!

James surprised me with a Kindle Fire and just look at these wonderful people who were there to celebrate, so it was a great 40th year celebration after all!

Exactly eight days after the snow, Mother Nature brought out her bipolar side again and blessed us with a beautiful Saturday. Hence, a hike at Raven Cliffs.

We met Tamara and Alison and their kids there and hiked all six miles of it. Maggie spent the night with us so she got to come along as well.

Watch that last step.

Booby trap on the bridge.

Look who we met on the trail! Grandmom and Grandad decided to come to Cleveland to spend the night and Dad talked Mom into finding us at Raven Cliffs.

And..another milestone, her first tooth! It wiggled and swayed and threatened to fall out all by itself, yet none of us were allowed to touch it. Until Daddy talked her into letting him tie a string to it...and then it just fell right out! First tooth gone on February 25, 2014 at 5 years 8 months old. She was also getting her six year molars and kept telling everyone, "I'm getting my six year teeth and I'm only five!" I love having an advanced child.

And back to the Coop for another birthday celebration! It was officially for Nikki's 40th, but she tacked James and I on as well since we didn't celebrate our 40th with friends.

Amelia ran about freely with the camera.

There was this yummy chocolate peanut butter cake that had a clear plastic wrapper around it. What a shame to waste all that icing!


Happee fortee to usss!

Ha, I did it! I finished February 2014 before January 2015 is officially here! 

On another note, we're having a really great time here in Missouri. It's so much fun to see second cousins playing together and everyone enjoying each others' company. I'm completely content sitting around, playing with kids, blogging, reading, ahhhh!!!

I won't have many pictures from this week though, because my camera has decided to blur again. Boo.