January 5, 2014

More silly kids

I thought I'd take a few minutes to type up the funny things the kids have said lately. Now that I have a real phone (James replaced my dumb smartphone with a smart smartphone this summer), I use the Notes program to keep lists. Here are some of the things I have on a list:

Our Ingles in town has a Starbucks in it, and one day I got a coffee while there with the kids grocery shopping. I was pushing the cart while holding my cup when Shannon slips in between me and the cart handle. He said, "Mom, I really don't think you should drink and drive."

One day recently Elizabeth was flitting around the house chanting, "I'm a lava fairy!" I'm afraid to ask what a lava fairy does.

We had a bicycle pump on the front porch for airing up balls during soccer season. Shannon was playing with it, pulling the handle up and pushing it back down like it was an Acme TNT igniter from a Looney Toons show. Then he said, "Hey, now I know why these pumps are made like this. Give me your ball, Amelia, I'll blow it up. Kaboom!"

I've been teaching Elizabeth several things this year by using songs, including days of the week, months of the year, and the Old and New Testaments. I had her sing through a few of them with me, then Shannon said, "Hey Elizabeth, what month is it?" She said, "Genesis?"

I was helping the girls clean up the play room and came across a Barbie with no head. I asked if we could throw the doll away, and Amelia said, "Well, we do play with her. She haunts the doll house. She was a former resident." I had no idea, the games they play.

Speaking of Barbies, out of the blue one morning at breakfast, Shannon looked up and said seriously, "I'd like to see a sumo Barbie."

Sometimes Elizabeth (the fiesty one) and Avery (the one who likes to debate stuff to a point when he knows he's right), were in an argument that was getting louder and louder. "Uh huh!," I heard, then "uh uh!" "UH HUH!" "UH UH!" Elizabeth finally said, "Stop arguing with me!" I've said this to her before, but again I said, "Elizabeth, how do you stop an argument?" The right answer here is, "stop talking." She was already in a huff with tears starting to well but calmed herself down and said, "Avery, would you stop arguing with me please?"

One day Shannon said, "There were two men who went to the moon first. Lance Armstrong and....his friend." We haven't reached that point in our study of American history yet.

My sister-in-law Jeni had to leave not long after we finished Thanksgiving dinner to catch a plane in Atlanta. She was standing next to the counter with the picked over turkey carcass on it so I asked her if she needed another "carrion." Ha ha ha! Ho ho! Hee hee hee! (This may be where the kids get their sillies.)

When we were putting up the Christmas tree and getting out the ornaments I pulled the tree skirt out of a box. Avery said, "That's the tree's dress."

We did advent Bible readings this year leading up to Christmas, and one was about gifts God gives us. James asked the kids what they thought their gifts were, and Elizabeth (again, the fiesty one) looks up sweetly under lowered lashes and said, "My special gift is giving love." Avery immediately replied, "Then why are you always trying to bite us?!"

Love those guys.