November 28, 2014

October 2013

Happy October of 2013! Glad you could join us just in time to see Shannon turn 9! We repeated the candle in the yogurt nonsense that morning, then gave him a few presents to open.

That evening, the 4th, we had a birthday party with friends to celebrate both boys' birthdays.

In honor of our first year of soccer, a soccer ball cake.

'Bout to spit on the cake.

Spitting on the cake.

Cake, spat upon.


It's fun to catch people off guard and doing nothing of consequence. Hey, they can't all be Pinterest worthy photos.

Maybe he can buy some teeth now!


Little Jacob, dressed right for the party.

This year we helped raise money for Chrisitan Bible clubs in India through our school curriculum company, Sonlight.

The kids met their goal. I love their generous hearts!

Here's another one of Avery's soccer games.

Avery's more fun to watch on the bench than on the field most of the time! Joseph, the coach's cousin (who called himself the "water boy"), has Down Syndrome. Avery loved hanging out with Joseph.

Uh, Mom, you weren't supposed to take a picture of that.

Here's the team!

We had an extra super fun visit from the Sims family one weekend. Love it when they come to the mountains!

Scenes from Avery's end of the season soccer party.

Avery and Coach David.

Several nights in October the kids slept in hammocks on the porch.

More soccer!

Coach Matt and Unofficial Assistant Coach James.

 Shannon played in the goal quite a bit.

Sideline pals.

The kids' choir led worship at church one Sunday. Amelia was one of the kids with a mic who sang on the praise team, along with friends Ruth and Abbey.

Shannon is in there somewhere!

We took a field trip to a fire station and learned a lot about trucks, equipment, and how firefighters do their jobs.

Halloween came during October again. A cat, a kid in a "costume," Princess Leia, and a cowboy/farmer/it's what Mom could find in the house to make a costume out of.

We went to Trunk or Treat at church, then to Truett the next evening for obscene amounts of candy.

There was an illusionist that was a lot of fun to watch. The kids were amazed and talked about him for days.

Fall scenes from around Strong Rock.

We met the D's at Gold Rush Days in Dahlonega. We walked around four million booths of handicrafts, saw a parade of locals (which is REAL interesting!), and bought...nothing.

And finally, a scene from school:

My note to Amelia about a math problem, and her note in return. Cartoon or not, it's still wrong!